The Best African Safari Holiday

African Safari Holiday

The Best African Safari Holiday; Where To Go

Which of the many exciting safari countries of Africa should you visit? Where would be best for you? We recommend that you firstly consider the time of year, whether you want adventure or luxury – or both – and what type of holiday you are planning. If you are travelling with children, their ages and interests will play into the decision, as, of course, does budget, how much beach time you might like, and all your other unique tastes and interests. Let us know, and we will help you work it out.

East Africa vs Southern Africa?

At the initial research stage we would suggest you broadly assess whether to head to East Africa, (including Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda), or Southern Africa, (including Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa). Logistically, East Africa is more economical, with easier and thus cheaper access to the best beaches and islands of the Indian Ocean.

Southern Africa is best for itineraries including Cape Town and/ or Victoria Falls, and can be combined with beach breaks in Mauritius or Mozambique. With the African Safari Holiday that we would organise, you will have to fly-in to the camps and lodges, though East Africa offers some opportunities for drive-in itineraries. With regards to safaris, each individual country and park is different, but generally East Africa has classic, sweeping plans and provides old-school style tented safaris, while Southern Africa has more private concessions offering a wide range of safari activities.

Safari and Beach?

For the ultimate safari and beach combination, we would recommend East Africa. The Indian Ocean beaches are accessible, whereas from South Africa they are a lengthy and expensive flight distant, to Mauritius, or Mozambique.

Kids on safari?

Yes, a wildlife safari is one of the best family holidays, if you take advice as to where to go. There are some lodges that cater brilliantly to families, and many are child-friendly above a minimum age of 6 years old.

Family safaris can get expensive; we find that the most economical options are East Africa, (Tanzania or Kenya), or South Africa, (rather than other southern African countries), and it is worth talking to us to discuss the latest best offers, or any ‘kids go free’ deals.

Safari activities?

Safaris can be heavily vehicle based game drives, but there are a number of options for a range of safari activities. Zambia has the best intrepid walking safaris, and fantastic fishing, the best boating safaris are in Botswana, although walking and boating are possible elsewhere too.

Kenya, South Africa and Botswana are the places to head for superb horse-riding safaris. Namibia is a land for scenic walks, quad-biking and a very different type of safari experience. Talk to us about any specialist interests, and we will help you find the right place to enjoy them.

East Africa at a glance:

  1. Tanzania is great for a big five safari and beautiful beach holiday, with some of Africa’s finest safaris in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, and the islands of Zanzibar easily accessible
  2. Kenya is a classic African Safari Holiday destination; great for first time safari goers and old hats with the wildlife rich plains of the Masai Mara Game Reserve and glorious Indian Ocean coastline
  3. Uganda is the land for intrepid, off-the-beaten track safaris, through beautiful landscapes to find incredible Mountain Gorillas
  4. Rwanda: is also the place for gorilla trekking, from the comfort of very luxurious lodges. Rwanda allows visitors to see these incredible primates up close and personal

Southern Africa at a glance:

  1. Botswana: is the ultimate big five luxury safari country, with private concessions in the watery Okavango Delta and world class accommodation – but beware the price tag to match if you want to escape the Chobe crowds
  2. Zambia: is for proper, long walking safaris in the wild South Luangwa National Park, with great adventures to be had on the mighty Zambezi river and around Victoria Falls
  3. Zimbabwe: still has a feel of being off the beaten track, but has exceptional safaris and some excellent lodges. Zimbabwe is similar to Botswana, but cheaper! Also Victoria Falls can be accessed from Zimbabwe or Zambia
  4. Namibia: is strange, eerie and mystifying with impressive, unique landscapes and an indescribable atmosphere
  5. South Africa: is accessible and diverse, with experiences ranging from vibrant, cosmopolitan Cape Town, landscapes, vineyards in the garden route and a great range of excellent and reasonably priced safaris. You can also get away from the Kruger National Park crowds to some excellent luxury private reserves
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