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Tsavo East National Park.

Once one of the worlds greatest elephant and rhino domains, Tsavo East is a unique wilderness destination for an adventure safari in Kenya. It is land of harsh, arid desert with a surprisingly rich diversity of life. Tsavo East is the epitome of the African Bush, with a mile upon mile of arid, thorny, scrubland sweeping to the horizon. In these wild surroundings, you can view wildlife, but it is far more challenging and adventurous. In little oases along the Athi, Tiva and Voi rivers, a handful of tented camps offer a remote and very genuine bush experience and some of the wildest, most thrilling walking safaris in Africa.

When to visit Tsavo East National Park.

A trip to Tsavo East is best in June to October and January to February, when conditions in the park are favorable for wildlife watching, which is the same in Tsavo West. At other times of the year, are more challenging. This is particularly the case during the peak of the short rains and the long rains. The weather is denser and animals spread out.

Location of Tsavo East National Park.

The National Park is the oldest and largest park in Kenya at 13,747 square kilometres. It is situated in a semi-arid area previously known as the Taru Desert. It is also located near the town of Voi in the Taita-Taveta County of the former Coast Province. The park has east and west sections by the road and railway. The Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park as it borders the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania.

Balloon Safari

African Hot Air Balloon safari.

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Hot Air Balloon safaris are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wilderness of East Africa, as you gracefully and silently fly over the plains teeming with herds of wildlife in the early morning.

Typically, Hot Air balloon safaris begin at break of dawn, about 6 am, and lasts for around 1 hour, during which you will fly over parts of the vast Masai Mara plain, seeing the magnificent wildlife below, spread over several square kilometers of the reserve..

Balloon flights are available daily in Maasai Mara and take off from designated sites where the disturbance to animals is kept to a minimum. Your safari vehicle drops you off at the take off site and picks you up from your landing site. The flight is followed by a champagne breakfast “in the bush”. With a well laid out seating arrangement and waiters on hand, to give you a fitting finale to your memorable flight in the wild.
The scenery from a hot air balloon is unforgettable due to its spectacular and breathtaking nature; the ultimate safari experience. The balloon flight takes you over the diverse habitats of the Masai Mara Reserve; the great Mara River, swamps, forests, wildlife and the African Savannah. The diversity of our flight trail enables passengers to experience a unique opportunity to be a part of the Masai Mara from the air.

The gentle and silent nature of the balloon flight allows the passengers to view the wildlife from a comfortable distance. The big five; the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo can be seen frequently along with other animals such as hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, birds and many more.

Fly-In Safari

Kenya Flight Safari.

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Africa is a visual feast. And not only from the ground. Soaring over Kenya’s landscape on a scenic Kenya flight safari you’ll enjoy rich panoramas. Bursts of color bloom from verdant forests and golden savannahs below. Then up ahead, a flash of white from the towering snow-capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Buckle up and join us as we soar over Africa.

Our flight or air safaris are a special kind of adventure for those who want to experience the most majestic views Kenya’s national parks can offer. And if your safari holiday is only a few days in length, or you prefer a flight rather than a driving safari,a Debrazza Tours and Safaris flight safari is the perfect solution for getting the most game viewing on a limited schedule.

In far less time than it would take to drive overland from Nairobi, you could be enjoying a quick flight with dazzling vistas of the landscape below. In no time you’ll arrive at your destination at the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Ol Pejeta or Tsavo Parks.

Debrazza Tours and Safaris offers flight safaris starting from and returning to Nairobi for your convenience. Staying at Mombasa or one of the coastal resorts? We offer a round trip flight safari to the Masai Mara from there as well!

Choose your your flight or even choose a customized tour. At Debrazza Tours and Safaris we are all about choice to create the perfect safari experience.

Mobile Safari/Camping Experience

Camping Safari Experience.

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This camping safari has been designed to offer the same high quality wildlife safari experience provided by the top-end safari camps, with 4×4 game viewing escorted by top class guides and in exclusive wildlife conservancies away from the tourist minibuses, but at a hugely reduced price by staying in small basic adventure camps, “real camping safari” instead of the luxury accommodation of the expensive up-market tented lodges. Transport between the camps is by light aircraft to avoid the long drives overland on rough roads and to have more time on safari for activities from the camps. For those for whom the wildlife safari experience is more important than the accommodation, and who are prepared to sleep in small tents in sleeping bags on a mattress on the floor with an element of “roughing it”, this gives an opportunity for an exceptional and exclusive wildlife experience with high quality guiding but at a fraction of the price.

Photographic Safari

Photographic Safari Tour.

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The Photographic Safari Tour is one of the most sought after safaris by wildlife lovers around the world. Culturally, Kenya is home to the Maasai and Samburu warriors, adorned in colourful beads and wearing brightly coloured traditional outfits. Kenya also has some of the most spectacular scenery, including Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop to the Amboseli National Park and The Great Rift Valley.

Wildlife for a Kenya photography tour is superb, the most fabled destination being the Masai Mara National Reserve. Photography here is good all year round with the constant interaction between predators and plains game. The pinnacle of wildlife photography occurs between the months of July and October, when the Wildebeest cross the Mara River in search of better grazing areas in Kenya. This is one of the most phenomenal wildlife spectacles on earth, and a bucket-list photographic tour destination for both amateur and professional photographers.

Our Photographic Safari Tour generally caters for small groups and are conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualised attention and on-going instructions. Many of the itineraries will also include pre/post excursion briefing and image editing. Whether you’re a novice or a professional photographer, Africa will delight.

Safari Highlights

  • Each photographer is guaranteed a full row to themselves in the 4×4 safari vehicle, allowing photography from either side of the vehicle (maximum 3 photographers per 4×4 safari vehicle)
  • Off-road driving gets you closer to the wildlife in Selenkay Conservancy, Ol Kinyei Masai Mara Conservancy and Olare Motorogi Masai Mara Conservancy.
  • Exclusive wildlife viewing opportunities, away from crowds in wildlife rich conservancies and in custom open sided 4×4 safari vehicles
  • Escorted and photography instructions by a professional photographer
  • Safari suitable for beginner photographers through to advanced level photographers.
  • Visit to an authentic Masai village with special photo opportunities.
  • Day and night game drives
  • Sundowners at scenic spots where you can try to capture those postcard perfect African sunsets
  • Private entry to Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
  • Game drives are also included in Amboseli National Park and the Masai Mara National Reserve

Other Trips

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