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How DIANI BEACH isnt as bad as you think!

South Coast Mombasa is amazing!

Diani Beach, Kenia, Africa, Sand, OceanHave you ever toured the Kenyan Coast? Did you go to the Beach? If not, then truly you’re missing out.

For a first-time exclusive experience, Diani Beach should be on your bucket list. Having won the title of Africa’s Leading Beach destination award from 2015 – 2019,  Diani beach invites you to a mind-blowing and exciting stay at its numerous and splendid hotels. No doubt it’s the place you would want to spend your next holiday.

Situated, south of Mombasa, Diani beach is in Kwale County near Shimba Hills National Reserve. Besides the cool waters of the Indian Ocean and the iconic palm trees, complementing its beauty is the lush green vegetation and the enormous coral reefs.


Activities you could take part in.

Africa, Kenya, Diani Beach, CamelsApart from normal swimming, many people would prefer a variety of activities to feel fulfilled. Well, no need to worry as Diani beach is home to a multitude of activities ranging from indoor to outdoor games. Mostly you will be attracted to activities that align with your personality and interests.

If you want to peacefully enjoy the chilling breeze, with the beautiful view of the sky blue ocean, then the hammocks which are carefully knotted between palm trees can be of use to you. You can just lie comfortably, relax and enjoy your moments. Alternatively, you can chill on the sun loungers under the makuti umbrellas as you sip your cool drinks enjoying the blissful seascape.

For the more adventurous ones, there is an option for a boat excursion, where you can go sailing to nearby islands such as the Funzi Island. You can also try the breathtaking fish viewing using glass-bottom boats, which enable you to see the tropical multi-colored fish as they move about the ocean.

For the snorkeling lovers, get ready to share the waters with some cute dolphins. Definitely, you will enjoy the special moments with the fish.

Swimming in the ocean as most people do could be more exciting than swimming in the pool. Don’t underestimate this glorious opportunity. It could be a chance to overcome your fears especially if you’re aquaphobic.

Other water activities include sky diving, gliding, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, jet skiing and kayaking.

You can also opt for camel riding or cycling along the beach.


HOTELS in Diani

In matters of accommodation, you can only expect the best from this award-winning beach.

Here, you will be spoilt for choices as Diani beach is lined with multiple luxurious beachfront hotels and resorts. Ranging from affordable 2-star hotels to world-class 5-star hotels, you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

Too many options?

Many people might find it difficult to choose a hotel as they plan for a vacation. To make your selection easier, let’s take a look at some qualities of the most common hotels. This could help you pick a hotel that suits your personality and character.

What do you want to achieve on your holiday?

As people go for vacation, holidays, dates, or honeymoon, they would want to achieve different things or get certain utilities from these desirable moments. In relation to this, it is paramount to choose a hotel that is within your financial constraints and in line with your expectations.

Here are some attributes of the Best Hotels you can find in Diani Beach.

Spas and Saunas

Who said that you can’t enjoy steam baths and saunas at the coast?

  • For epitome relaxation, you would want to experience the classy sauna and steam rooms of Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa. The hotel also adds up as a beauty center with a palatial beauty salon and a magnificent coffee shop.
  • The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, which is adorned with a classic boutique also offers spa services like hot tubs and massages.
  • The Sands at Chale Island has a plethora of amenities including spa facilities, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and cabanas.
  • Baobab Beach Resort & Spa sums up with steam bath and Jacuzzi hydro baths services.
  • Other hotels offering spa services include Leopard Beach Resort and Spa, Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa, and the Eleven Pearl boutique hotel and spa.

Do you want to buy some beach clothes and souvenirs?

Maybe you didn’t get time to go shopping for some beach clothes or swimming costumes. Sunset Villa Boutique Resort, Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort, and Eleven Pearl Boutique Hotel and Spa have got you covered. Among other services these hotels have posh boutiques selling clothes and other accessories which will help you save time and effort of buying staff elsewhere.

Going out with friends and family?

Diani beach hosts a couple of all-inclusive hotels such as  Diani Sea Lodge and Diani Sea Resort which offers services like bicycle rentals and a tennis court which could come in handy for a group who want to compete.

Baobab Beach Resort & Spa has archery and a tennis court. It also offers facilities for children’s games.

In addition, accommodation at Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort for golf enthusiasts would be ideal as the resort features a golf course and a swimming pool.

Depending on your budget?

Most people have a negative perception of holidays or vacations especially in relation to the amount of money they ought to spend. They think that one must accumulate a lot of money to enjoy the good things of life. You will be surprised that with KES 10,000 you can find accommodation in the Villa Luxury Suites Hotel, Hotel Sonrisa, and Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa.

Diani Backpackers and Stilts Backpackers offer accommodation services for as low as KES 4,500

Point to note

Generally, hotels are cheaper during low seasons, so you would want to visit when there’s no national or international holiday.

Book a Hotel that you can comfortably afford, don’t overstretch your limits and you will enjoy your stay

How do I get to Diani?

Africa, Kenya, Diani Beach, Boat, SeaFor the locals visiting the beach could be as easy as taking a motorbike or a tuk-tuk, however, that is not the case for everyone.

From Nairobi’s Wilson Airport you can fly to the Ukunda Airport, and from there you can access any hotel of your choice using the Airport shuttles.

If you’re using the SGR train then you have to use the ferry services to cross over to the other side of town.

An easier way could be using KAYAK, a travel search engine, which gives information on hotels, available flights, and other modes of transportation.


I trust that this article was useful in planning your vacation, hope you enjoyed your stay at the Diani beach, See you soon.