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Kenya Safari Holidays- best for every season.

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Kenya Safari Holiday Packages

Did you know that the best safari holiday packages are the ones planned in Kenya? Kenya Safari holidays are some of the most sought after in Africa. A Kenya safari holiday brings to you the finest experience of a true safari. However, with great pride comes responsibility. Kenya safari holidays require a certain degree of planning to be successful. For you as a traveler, the following are some of the things you should think about before planning for a kenya safari holiday;


The budget for your safari is the most important thing to consider before planning for a safari. It affects accommodation choices, level of luxury of your safari and even determines the length of your safari. There are different types of safaris according to budget. Luxury safaris and budget safaris. With luxury safaris, money is not a problem and you cannot put a price on perfection. But for budget safaris, you have the freedom of tailor making your safari to fit your safari preference. At Debrazza tours and safaris, we plan tailor made safaris for you. This means that you can personally determine where you would like to spend your holiday at whatever cost that you choose!


How much time do you have for your holiday? Time in this case means; when planning for picking or selecting a safari holiday package, you have to choose the duration of your safari. For example, would you like;

Time in this case also means the period at which you would like to have your safari. Most safaris are booked during the summer period. We in Kenya call it the peak or high season; from June to October. You can book a safari at any other period of the year as long as it is convenient for you!

Your preferences;

Lastly, what do you like? Personally, I am a sucker for off road game drive safaris. This is where you get to explore the real taste of the savannah and its glamor. Moreover, how many people get to see a lion live in their lifetime?
For those into outdoor, adventure and exploring we could plan a game drive safari together! There is a lot of safaris to choose from; even if you would not want to book right away! Planning ahead keeps you in track and gives you a chance to prepare for your safari to Kenya.

Lets look at what you could choose from;

  • Lodge/camping safari,

Camping is good fun for you if you are looking for a wild experience in nature. Camping safaris in Kenya are just like any other normal safaris but with an added twist to accommodation.

Types of Camping;

Glamping– This is short slung for glamorous camping. Nothing out of the ordinary game drive safari but the accommodation will be at tented camps or lodges that are located within national parks and national reserves. Generally, glamping is more expensive than any other forms of camping… its glamorous.

Classic Camping– This is the traditional form of camping. Tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and the bush. Classic camping as the name suggests is the original form of camping which takes up a more wilder approach. The camper gets to experience the wild the way it actually is, with proper planning off course. In classic camping, there are two types of camping grounds for people to select from;
Public camps; these are camps that are readily available to campers at all times. Water, security and facilities are available for the campers.
Private camps; these are camps that are only availed to campers that pay fro them.

  • Fly in safari

Fly in safaris are great. However, you cannot have a fly in safari by itself. They are usually combined with a typical road safari that completes a safari package for you. This and many other types of safaris can be combined to form the perfect holiday for you depending on your preference and budget.

  • Family safari,

Families love spending time together. Having an African safari is a wonderful way of improving ties within a family. To be frank, a family safari is fun! Family safaris are more inclusive of other types of safaris. The only difference is the experience is tailored to suit the kids, teens and parents all in one package. A good example of a family safari would be;
Arrival in Mombasa. Spend the day at the hotel or beach.
Fly safari to Masai Mara.
Hot air ballooning.
Departure back to Mombasa by either road or air.

  • Just an excursion,

An excursion is a short trip to a local area or city or historical site. The main aim of excurions is to discover the culture of a certain people or locality, either current or in history. You can choose to have an excursion if you may be having just a short stay or stopover in Kenya. It is quite common. Examples of excursions that we at Debrazza Tours and Safaris have are like;
A trip to Wasini Island; either half day or full day.
Mombasa City tour; half day or full day
A trip to Funzi Kinazini Island.
A trip to Shimba Hills.

You can click on either of the excursions to head over to the trip page so that you can be able to directly book an excursion.


Where Could you have a Kenya safari Holiday?

  1. Masai Mara
  2. Amboseli
  3. Tsavo East
  4. Tsavo West
  5. Lake Nakuru
  6. Mt. Kilimanjaro

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

What is the best safari in Kenya?

The best safari in Kenya are mostly tailor made safaris by the traveler… those that best suit the traveler. The most rated safari in Kenya would be a fly in safari to the top national parks of either Masai Mara, Amboseli or Tsavo.

How many types of safari are there?

There are many different types of safaris in Kenya. These are the most common;

  • Guided safari
  • Fly in safari
  • Specialist Safari
  • Private Safari
  • Camping/ Hiking Safari
  • Budget/ Group safari

Are there safaris in Kenya?

YES, there are safaris in Kenya. Kenya is undeniably the home of safaris in Africa. If you are looking to book a safari in Kenya today, CLICK HERE to see available offers.

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