malindi beaches

Malindi Beaches: (Everything you need to know!)


malindi beaches
Photo by Jessica Pamp on Unsplash

Away from the safaris of Maasai Mara or Tsavo National Parks, welcome to a thrilling and fantastic sea safari. Malindi is an elegant romantic and cultural gateway. The town ushers you into a serene atmosphere with its pristine white sandy beaches and idyllic coral reefs. With its classic blend of culture, Malindi offers you a beautiful mélange of African, Italian, and Arabic diversity. The people of Malindi are warm, kind, and polite.

The town which is situated north of Mombasa is an epic tourist destination. It has a surfeit of tourist attractions from historical sites to easily accessible sandy beaches. For history lovers, Gedi Ruins or Vasco da Gama’s pillar would be your first stopover. On the other hand, if you are a water enthusiast you will head straight for the beaches.

For refreshments and enjoyment, you can get into a restaurant, hotel, club, or bar. For shopping, just check in to one of the local shops, boutiques, supermarkets, designer Shops, Curio Shops, or open-air Markets.


Malindi beaches are uniquely pleasant and irresistible. The waters are undoubtedly clean, thanks to the huge coral reefs that act as filters. The beaches are favored with an overabundance of sea creatures.


 Let’s look at the main beaches that act as major tourist destinations;

  • Silversands Beach

Do you have a partner? Have you been far from each other for a long time? Spending time together would be great at Silverlands Beach.

Then instead of going for déjà vu coffee dates, or romantic dinners, here’s a splendid suggestion for you, Voila! The Silversands beach.

With its long stretch, the beach enables you to go for a marine walk as you marvel at the glorious beach. You could choose to hold hands or splash each other with the warm oceanic water for fun. This seems more romantic than going to a park or a picnic.

With the walk, you can enjoy the calming sea breeze, as you drink the cool coconut  “water”

In addition, you could choose to participate in amazing water-sport activities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. Even if you have never tried these activities, you should overcome your fears, as the saying goes, there’s usually a first time for everything.

You will be surprised at how enjoyable and satisfying these activities are.

I am sure you will agree with me that it is a great way of creating exciting memories together.

So are you ready to have some fun?


Malindi Beach

This incredible beach attracts tourists with its golden sand. The sand which is rich in iron glitters in the presence of sunshine.

Who wouldn’t want to witness this magnificent beauty?

At this beach the main activities include diving excursions, Sea fishing, water skiing, surfing, and snorkeling.

The beach also has a long trail suitable for walking or jogging.

Other beaches include:

  • Che Shale Beach

This is an exquisite beach popular for kite surfing.

It is ideal for people who want privacy as in family trips, honeymoons, or a get-together.


  • Ocean Beach – Sand Dune Beach

This beach also has yellowish sand. The sand forms little dunes creating a wonderful site.

Nearby you’ll find the Ocean Beach Resort which offers elegant romantic dinner services in view of the beach.



Malindi Marine National park.

The park is well known by the local and international tourists, thanks to its nimiety of enjoyable activities.

Malindi Marine park oozes with beauty as it unfolds its numerous attraction points like the mangroves,  seagrass beds,  mudflats,  marine mammals, turtles, and unique bird species.

The park also has a profusion of sea creatures like Puffers, Trigger Fish, Zebrafish and Lizardfish.


Activities at the Marine National Park

  • Boat excursions

Glass boat excursions are thrilling and awesome. You are able to view a couple of fish underwaters such as dolphins, sea turtles, and zebrafish.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a fun activity. One gets into the water and is able to see the multi-colored fish. It is also an opportunity to be in close contact with marine life. Isn’t that exhilarating?

  • Bird watching   

The saltwater lagoon known as Mida Greek is a habitat for different species of birds.

Other activities include sunbathing jet skiing, windsurfing. Scuba diving and water skiing


Watamu Marine Park

Watamu is only 25mins away from Malindi town.

The park is dotted with hard and soft coral reefs, mangrove trees, and white sand. It is also endowed with a variety of fish such as moray, damselfish, wrasse fish, sailfish, manta rays, crocodile fish, barracuda and octopus

The park also hosts sea turtles such as olive ridley and green turtles.


malindi beaches
Photo by imso gabriel on Unsplash

Activities to engage in.

  • Bird watching

Birds present include but are not limited to black kites, kingfishers, speckled mouse birds and bulbul.

  • Diving

There are numerous diving sites that are easily accessible thanks to the adjacent coral reefs.

  • Sailing

Ready for an extensive boat ride? Then make a point of visiting the nearby islands of Wasini and Funzi.

  • Sunbathing

You are at liberty to sunbathe comfortably as you enjoy the cool breeze.

  • Boat excursions

You can’t miss the riveting experience of fish viewing in the glass-bottomed boats.



On vacation or a family retreat, accommodation should preferably be cozy and comfortable. Malindi offers utility and much more. From the Porsche and classic the most affordable ones.

  • Sandies Tropical Village

A beachfront hotel fully equipped with a spa, swimming pool, restaurants, and bars. It is affordable and easily accessible.

  • Marine Holiday House

This luxurious hotel offers spacious cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, an onsite barbecue grills and tour assistance.

  • Osteria Beach Restaurant.

Although majorly a restaurant, this hotel adds up as a relaxing point with a swimming pool, sun beds and beach umbrellas.

Other Hotels include;

  • Diamonds Dream of Africa
  • Ocean Beach Resort and Spa
  • African House Resort
  • Leopard Point Luxury Beach Resort and Spa
  • Silver Rock hotel
  • Villa Mella Malindi
  • Woburn Residence Club Apartments.

Most importantly choose a hotel that is within your financial reach.


How to get to Malindi.

Through Malindi Airport you can easily fly into the town from Mombasa or Nairobi.

The town is also accessible by road from Mombasa, Lamu, Kilifi, or any other neighboring town.

Before going out on vacation please confirm with the season because different seasons appeal to fun different activities.

Hope this article was useful hope to see you soon.