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Masai Mara Camps (budget or luxury?)

Masai Mara; Kenya is Magical!

masai mara kenyaMasai Mara is one of the most visited game reserves in Africa. If you are not aware of it, Masai Mara borders Serengeti of Tanzania. The Mara is where the Great Wildebeest Migration happens every year! The wildebeest migration is a period when wildebeests move to cross the Great Mara River in search of pastures. Tourists come from all over the world to witness this amazing sight.

There are so many choices for accommodation in the Mara. Both lodges and camps are available for travelers with different budgets. I came up with this list of a few accommodation spots for those looking to tour the Mara for a few days;

  • Ashnil Mara Camp.
  • Sarova Mara Game Camp.
  • Sanctuary Olonana.
  • Emayian Luxury Camp.
  • Zebra Plains Mara Camp.
  • Mara Bush Camp.
  • Governors Camp.

But for this article, I will focus on both Mara Leisure camp and Sarova Mara Game Camp.

Mara Leisure Camp.

masai mara kenya Mara Leisure Camp Location

This is a luxury tented camp that is found in Masai Mara Game Reserve. It is found relatively in the Northern area of the national reserve. This has made it to be accessible from any part of the park.

At its location and proximity to Masai Villages, you will have the chance to meet the local Masai Community and explore their culture that involves the well-known Masai Cultural Dance.

masai mara kenyaMara Leisure Camp Experience

This camp portrays a fabulous experience. It has great staff who are friendly but very professional. Staff at the camp will always ensure that you as the guest are as comfortable as possible.

Being a tented camp in the Mara, it is possible for some animals to pay you a visit, especially in the onsite restaurant. Monkeys are common. However, staff at the tented camp have always assured guests of their comfort and security during their stay. No need to worry.

masai mara kenya Mara Leisure Camp Prices

The accommodation options in The luxury Tented Camp include;

  1. 3 Family Cottages
  2. 17 Standard Tents
  3. 8 Jumbo Tents
  4. 1 Exclusive Honeymoon Tent

For prices on booking a stay at Mara Leisure Camp, kindly contact a safari specialist HERE.

masai mara kenyaFacilities available at Mara Leisure Camp

This luxury camp has facilities that ensure the full comfort of all travelers. They have a pool and a restaurant where you can get free breakfast. A lounge is also available for guests who would like to enjoy themselves while on the camp.

Is there parking at Mara Leisure Camp? Yes, there is free and secure parking available at the camp. This camp is one of my favorites in the Mara because of its fantastic views of the Talek River.

masai mara kenyaActivities that are available for guests at the Mara Leisure Camp.

The Mara Leisure camp has a swimming pool! guests staying at the camp can enjoy a recreational moment with either their family or friends at the pool.

You could also use the pool as an avenue to get a little exercise during your stay at the camp.

Sarova Mara Game Camp

masai mara kenyaLocation of Savora Mara Game Camp.

Sarova Mara Game Camp is located right at the center of The Masai Mara Game reserve. It is easily accessible from Nairobi by road in around five hours. The fantastic nature surrounding this camp is what attracts guests to stay. Its location in the Masai Mara allows easier visits to Masai Villages for cultural expeditions. The location of this camp in the Mara is great because it is a place with many animals like the cheetah and lions. This camp is a prime camp that any guest looking to visit Masai Mara should stay in.


Experience at the Sarova Mara Game Camp.

An experience at Sarova Mara Camp is one to live for. The game camp is undeniably a sight for sore eyes and the staff; just welcoming! This camp has bush dining points! Is like having a picnic on a camping trip. The camp is located in an area with lots and lots of indigenous bird species and exotic trees. There is a mini bird sanctuary at the camp for those guests who love birding!

For security reasons, the camp is well secured with a 24-hour surveillance system that is well maintained. These measures are put in place to keep the camp extremely comfortable for guests during their stay.


Sarova Mara Game Camp Prices.

Accommodation options available at Sarova Mara Game Park include;

  • 2 family tents
  • 20 club tents
  • 51 standard tents

All these accommodation options can be conveniently booked by us for you while on your safari. So, no need to worry. Contact us HERE!


Facilities at The Sarova Mara Game Camp.

This camp has some of the best facilities in The Mara. The service by staff is on point and professional. Some of its facilities include; a swimming pool, a restaurant, a mini bird sanctuary, and many bush dining points. At these points, one can truly explore the bush eating experience.

The camp also offers a free parking spot for guests and an airport shuttle for guests flying into the camp. For those guests who come to the camp for conference meetings and teambuilding exercises, the camp has meeting rooms and conference rooms that will be convenient during their stay at the camp.


masai mara kenyaActivities at The Sarova Mara Game Camp;

Activities are very important to the guests to entertain them during their stay at the camp. Some of the activities available at the camp include;

Birding; This is a small activity sponsored by the existence of the mini bird sanctuary in the camp.

Swimming; The pool is a fun place for guests to enjoy themselves accompanied by their loved ones. The pool also has a bar.

Cultural Expedition; Since the Masai Village is close to the camp, guests are able to have a cultural expedition and watch the Masai cultural dances.

Interested in The Masai Culture? Have a look at these;

The Mara is a great safari destination for families and even couples looking for a romantic getaway. Plan a thrilling experience to the Mara with us today. We promise to deliver the best possible experience by booking for you your desired accommodation spot for your event or occasion. I will be updating this article in the future to cover other accommodation spots. Stay tuned!