mara leisure camp

Mara Leisure camp on the talek river

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Mara Leisure Camp.


mara Leisure camp on the talek river Mara Leisure Camp Location

This is a luxury tented camp that is found in Masai Mara Game Reserve. It is found relatively in the Northern area of the national reserve. This has made it to be accessible from any part of the park.

At its location and proximity to Masai Villages, you will have the chance to meet the local Masai Community and explore their culture that involves the well known Masai Cultural Dance.

Mara Leisure Camp Experience

This camp portrays a fabulous experience. It has great staff who are friendly but very professional. Staff at the camp will always ensure that you as the guest are as comfortable as possible.

Being a tented camp in the Mara, it is posssible for some animals to pay you a visit especially in the onsite restaurant. Monkeys are common. However, staff at the tented camp have always assured guests of their comfort and security during their stay. No need to worry.

Mara Leisure Camp Prices

The accommodation options in The luxury Tented Camp include;

  1. 3 Family Cottages
  2. 17 Standard Tents
  3. 8 Jumbo Tents
  4. 1 Exclusive Honeymoon Tent

For prices on booking a stay at Mara Leisure Camp, kindly contact a safari specialist HERE.

Facilities available at Mara Leisure Camp

This luxury camp has facilities that ensure the full comfort of all travelers. They have a pool and a restaurant where you can get free breakfast. A lounge is also available for guests who would like to enjoy themselves while on the camp.

Is there parking at Mara Leisure Camp? Yes, there is free and secure parking available at the camp. This camp is one of my favourites in the Mara because of its fantastic views of the Talek River.

Activities available for guests at the Mara Leisure Camp.

The Mara Leisure camp has a swimming pool! guests staying at the camp can enjoy a recreational moment with either their family or friends at the pool.

You could also use the pool as an avenue to get a little exercise during your stay at the camp.


This is an excellent tented accommodation in the world famous Masai Mara game reserve…mara Leisure camp on the talek river

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