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Is Mombasa the best island in Africa?

Mombasa is located in the coast of Kenya in East Africa. Many who have gotten a chance to stay in Mombasa or have a Mombasa safari for a period of time can attest to the beauty of this famous city. But someone may ask, “Why should I go to Mombasa? What makes this Island stand out to the others?” Take a look at some of the reasons why travellers love Mombasa and why you may love it too;

  1. Culture and Tradition.

Culture is an important part of the society which formally and informally brings people from all walks of life together. It may be as a community or as an expedition or entertainment. Tradition similarly is what has kept communities in Mombasa as pillars of the society since the colonial times and beyond. Aside from being strong pillars of the communities in Mombasa and beyond, culture and tradition has also grown to become a source of income for most communities in the area. When tourists or travellers come to explore Mombasa, communities with different cultural backgrounds may either showcase their traditional dances or some of their cultural artefacts as souvenirs to the tourists.

  1. Food.

Everybody loves food of some sort. It could be African, Italian, Chinese or even spicy Indian cuisines. Various restaurants situated around the city provide a vast selection of these foods. Usually your wish is their command, but at a sizeable price. Although international foods take the mantle as being the intended source of satisfaction for most travellers looking forward to an adventure, the local foods still hold a soft spot for other travellers who have previously been to Mombasa and have learned to live with the locals. But what can you expect from some of the local cuisines?  What I can ensure is a unique taste of the finest tastes in the land. Mombasa holds hospitality as a key sector in its attractions to travellers. What you want, you will get more. Picture an all you can eat buffet with local cuisines specifically picked for you to choose from.

  1. Accommodation and Hotels.

Truth be told, 60 percent of all holidays are holidays in Mombasa are cemented by the outstanding accommodation spots. There are different types of accommodation in Mombasa. Provided a travellers choice of taste and budget, there’s a place for every traveller in Mombasa. Accommodation can either be privately arranged by travel specialists or be booked by the traveller himself. All options are flexible to suit the traveller’s needs effectively. The hotels similarly have a provision for management of the traveller’s needs which has proved to be very effective. But what about those travellers looking to stay off the fancy treatment? No need to worry. Thanks to the internet, travellers are now able to book accommodation through a website called Airbnb which is said to be less of a fancy route. Basically what I mean by ‘less of a fancy route’ is anyone around Mombasa with a property is able to rent out their available accommodation to travellers on a Mombasa Safari at a cost. The traveller is then able to select their accommodation preferences easily through the website.

  1. The Beach.

I personally love the feel of the sand beneath my feet. The beach is a wonderful place to lay low and take some time of one’s normal routine. For those who have been to the beach in Mombasa or ever had a Mombasa safari, You know what I am talking about. Taking an easy load off with your family, friends or loved ones couldn’t be better anywhere else than at the beach. However salty the water could get, there are lots and lots of activities that you as a traveller could indulge yourself in at the beach; skiing, beach sports and even boat riding. All these and more can be easily arranged for you as the traveller by your favourite travel specialist, Debrazza Tours and Safaris. Almost all hotels in Mombasa are located just off the beach, which makes it quite easier to enjoy the greater part of where you spend your short trip or holiday. There are a couple of beaches in Mombasa that have time and again been said to be top destinations to travellers in Africa. All accompanied with the best accommodation stay that money can pay for.

  1. It’s historical Background.

The history of Mombasa dates back a long time ago with evidence of artefacts built by colonialists, missionaries, settlers or local communities still in place. These places have ever since been treasured as pillars of history and a picture of what Mombasa was in the past. This history has also had the potential of predicting Mombasa’s future development. Some of these points of history include,

  • The Old Town which is famous for its many artefacts genuinely crafted by the communities in Mombasa’s Muslim-Swahili culture.
  • The Old Port of Mombasa which was used in trade.
  • Fort Jesus where the Portuguese settled and sheltered.
  • The Tusks of Mombasa which were used as a welcoming for The Queen when she visited Mombasa through the Port of Mombasa.

These and many more have been taken to be the greatest points of history in Mombasa. These points have also been a source of income to the local communities because travellers who tour these places get to interact and purchase local artefacts, clothes and designs which they use as souvenirs on their way back home. The history of Mombasa is what makes Mombasa the Best Island in Africa!

  1. The People.

In line with culture, tradition and food, the people of Mombasa are one key aspect that you cannot do without. Mombasa isn’t Mombasa without its People. The people of Mombasa have always proven to be a handsome addition to what makes Mombasa an ever loved City and Island. There are so many different types of local communities found in Mombasa. What you as a traveller can pay attention to is the different characters in the different local communities. The attire that different communities hold together as traditional regalia is very unique. Attire worn by men and women alike has also been used as an important part of history.

In the evolving world today, the people of Mombasa have grown to be one whole community of a developing world. All communities with different sets of people in different age groups work together every day to ensure the social, economic and environmental growth of Mombasa to what it is now.

Having known what to expect in Mombasa or during a Mombasa Safari, don’t you think that Mombasa deserves to be called and crowned the best Island in Africa. Certainly not for some people, but why don’t you book a Mombasa Excursion today and see for yourself? For those who have already been to Mombasa and understand what I mean, it is clear to state the facts; Mombasa is a fantastic Island!

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