what to pack on a safari

Safari Guide 101 (How to plan for a safari)

Here is what you need to know before going for that safari on a budget;

  1. What to pack;
  2. What to wear;
  3. What to bring back from your safari;

What to pack for a safari.

Be Prepared with your safari gear.

When it comes to figuring out what to pack on a safari, it is important to consider a few things;

  • Weather;
  • Travel Period or Season;
  • Type of Safari;
  • Duration of stay;

Here is a comprehensive list of what to pack for a safari;

  1. Passport, your safari itinerary, and travel insurance if you have one.
  2. Emergency prescribed drugs.
  3. Clothes and toiletries.
  4. A few gadgets for entertainment.
  5. Footwear
  6. Sun Cream
  7. Face Masks and a hand sanitizer
  8. A hat that preferably has a brim and is tied underneath to prevent it from blowing away when stood up in the safari bus.
  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Camera with plenty of film.
  11. Batteries for your camera as it is not always possible to recharge cameras at lodges or camps.
  12. A bottle of water in a glass bottle for the drive while on the bus.
  13. Mosquito Repellant.
  14. A sweater or jumper for chilly nights.
  15. Binoculars.
  16. Cash for Souvenirs and drinks.

DO NOT Wear these while on a safari game drive!

  • Bright Colored Clothes

Bright-colored clothes are attention-seeking and may startle wild animals. Take care of yourself while on that game drive by sticking to either green, brown, or khaki clothes. These create a blend in effect for you and the rest of the party you are within the safari van or while on a safari walk.

  • Too much clothing

Too much clothing is heavy. Why not pack light? Wearing too much clothing can lead to an outburst of rashes on your skin like heat rash. This is because of the high temperatures under the hot sun during a game drive. However, for those with a medical problem related to the cold, it is advised to carry with you a light jacket to keep yourself warm at all times.

  • Heavy shoes

Heavy shoes can weigh you down. The build-up of heat in them accompanied with the continued perspiration can be a nightmare at the end of the day. That is why you should find good, light, and aerated shoes to use during your Kenyan safari. These shoes should also provide an extra layer of protection to a section higher than your ankles.

  • Formal Outfits.

A safari is the most informal setting that you could possibly be in! Formal outfits at a game drive sound funny… Do not wear a formal outfit to a game drive. They are heavy and store too much heat. Formal outfits, which are very expensive have the potential of getting dirty from the rough and dusty terrain during the game drive.

  • Avoid White.

White typically attracts attention and just loves dirt. ? Stay away from white at all costs. The game drive setting is one that is filled with dirt, mud, dust, and the hot sun. I suggest you avoid black clothes as well. Black is a color that stores heat from the sun. This will be a negative for you looking to enjoy your safari. Stick to the definite colors brown, green, and khaki. Great for blending in and easy to dry clean after a safari game drive.

  • Strong fragrances or Perfume.

This can be subject to controversy. Somebody may ask, what about those couples going out for their first date on a safari? They need that perfume! Strong Perfume is in fact not good for you on your safari or game drive. Imagine smelling like a flower in the wild. Perfume attracts insects, and once mosquitoes or bees come close to you, your immediate reaction would be to kill them. This is dangerous. So it is best to stay away.

  • Animal print clothing.

Can you wear animal print on a safari? NO! Wearing animal-printed clothes while going to see animals in a game reserve is dangerous. What happens when you confuse the animals? Some authorities in charge of game reserves and national parks may also not allow this not only because of the general poaching law, but also the picture it puts out to visitors.

  • Camouflage clothing.

Wearing camouflage clothing by civilians is forbidden in some countries. This is because camouflage clothing is worn by state security officials. Still, most of this camouflage clothing is very heavy… wearing it on a safari would be like wearing a blanket on a hot day. Just stick to light green, brown, or khaki fabric. Now that you know what not to wear during a safari, check out what to wear on a safari HERE!


What to bring back from a Kenyan safari.

Remembering a Kenyan Safari.

A Kenyan safari is somewhat the most sought-after travel experience in east Africa. Right from the sandy beaches of Mombasa to the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the swampy areas of the Amboseli to the sights of the Great Wildebeest Migration.

The Eighth Wonder of the world!

wildebeest migration

The wildebeest migration is a spectacle that has been discussed around the world. An annual sight that people from around the globe come to witness every year from July to October. This migration has also been added to other Kenyan safari elements to make trips more thrilling! Mother nature just keeps us smiling day by day…

You can be able to see the wildebeest migration by having a tailor-made safari planned for you! 

But what about those folks who can’t keep coming back to Kenya? Is there something you can take with you that can constantly remind you of the amazing Kenyan safari you had? Here is a list of a few things that you can carry home from a Kenyan safari;

Kenyan Safari Souvenirs,

masai clothing

Masai is basically a community that lives in Kenya, Masai Mara. Their culture is what strengthens Kenya’s touristic image. They are famous for their cultural dances, their dress code, and their amazing beadwork! The Masai people are friendly and are so excited to receive you as a guest when you visit one of their villages. During a visit to a Masai Village, you will not only be received by the Masai people, but you will also get to be entertained by their wonderful cultural dances!



Artisans within communities in Kenya come up with fantastic wood carvings! Those passionate about woodwork can tell the beauty in the detail that good wood carvings behold. Wood carvings can be in the shape of the big five animals; lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino. They can also be in the shape of human figures within a community, like the Masai People.


what to bring back from a kenyan safari

The colorful nature of beads put together to form either a bangle, necklace or any form of decoration is exquisite! Kenyan beadwork involves mostly a Masai-themed design which can be tailor-made to fit your liking. Beads can be kept as a souvenir because they are cheap and easy to carry. The products of good beadwork can also be used as gifts for your loved ones back home.


Hand-made items are unique. A visit to Kenya will give you a chance to buy one for you to keep or give to one of your friends back home. There are different designs of handmade bags which are according to culture, like the Masai or the Samburu people. Other designs may be a plain color of choice but with uniqueness in craft design. It is all out there for you to choose from!


kenyan coffee

This is my personal favorite! I love good Kenyan coffee. Kenya is known for her coffee. So why not take some back with you after a Kenyan safari? For those who have never known that we Kenyans produce coffee, i guess, now you know. And its not just any coffee, good Arabica coffee that is sought after by people from all over the world for its intense flavor.


african chess

  • Artifacts

Kenyan artifacts are basically a show of culture and history. Historical events in Kenya are marked by different kinds of artifacts. Some include; sculptures of the Kenyan flag and shield. These artifacts are what promote Kenya’s culture to the international community and partly are a source of income for the artisans who make them.

Other artifacts include vases, pots, carvings, and even decorations that have been largely placed in museums in Kenya. For you to find these artifacts, you would need to book a comprehensive historical excursion with us!


Leather Products.leather bag

Leather is expensive! Not going to lie about it. The amount of work that is put into coming up with a finished leather product speaks mountains of the value of the product… which is great. Having a leather product as a souvenir would give you a higher chance of being in touch with a more valued Kenyan product. Some of the leather products that you can take home as a souvenir include; bags, shoes, and even leather jackets!

Kenya is a wonderful place, I live in Kenya, and it is great! Visit my country from time to time not just for the amazing beaches and wildlife, but also for the amazing opportunity that you get to explore a unique culture in a different part of the world. Grab a souvenir while you are at it…and check out some of these nice designs!



What shoes do you wear on a safari?

The best shoes to wear on a safari are tied-up light boots or trainers that are very comfortable for you. Pick out the best hiking boots in case of a camping safari to protect you from the rough terrain.

How can I make my safari look fashionable?

The only way to make your safari look fashionable is by dressing well for your chosen safari. Be it camping, fly-in, guided, specialist, or even a walking safari. Take lots of pictures and remember, ‘the pause makes the picture!’

safari holidays

Final Thoughts…

Have a business card with you.

While traveling across the world, it may come a point in time where you may come across potential business partners. Having a business card with you can serve as a great way to maintain ties between you and the people that you may meet in your destination country. I must say, Kenya has people that will amaze you!

Have a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

It is important to have a yellow fever certificate with you. Some countries may or may not require it during your arrival at the airport. It is good to check with your travel agent in good time.

Keep Smiling.

Keep smiling! Did you know that the experience you get from a Kenyan safari leaves you excited and wishing for more? Nevertheless, keep the spirit up all through the period of your safari. If you need anything whilst on your safari, it is your right to speak up… you paid for it! The least you could get from your safari is a smile. ?

Grab a souvenir while you are at it…and check out some of these nice designs!