The Best African Beach Holiday

African Beach Holiday

Your African Beach Holiday; Where To Go

The best African holidays are not just about safaris; the Indian Ocean coast has some of the most glorious beaches and islands in the world, all within easy striking distance. Have a look at some of these African Beach Holiday destinations;

From East Africa, (Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya), the easiest African Beach Holiday options are:

  1. Zanzibar: the islands of Zanzibar have a huge range of accommodation styles to suit all tastes and budgets, arrayed around its white coral sand, palm fringed beaches. A great choice for families and honeymooners alike, easily combined with superb, world-class safaris
  2. The Seychelles: perhaps the ultimate Indian Ocean location, the many different islands of the Seychelles have a range of accommodation options, tending towards top end luxury, and expense
  3. Lamu and the Kenya Coast: there are some lovely and very authentic lodges and accommodation options, with visitors increasingly returning to the beautiful, endless beaches further north

From Southern Africa, (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia), the easiest options are:

  1. Mozambique: The beaches of Mozambique are beautiful, but the accommodation is not the 5* luxury resorts you will find in other places. This coast is fantastic for authentic island experiences, great diving and very intimate lodges, although current political issues are leaving the north less visited this year
  2. Mauritius: A fantastic range of very high quality 5-star, all-inclusive hotels. Mauritius is a beach paradise for those who enjoy luxury, fine cuisine and don’t mind a larger, resort style hotel
  3. South Africa: there are a number of good beaches arrayed around this southern point, but be warned, the sea can be very cold!
  4. Madagascar: a wonderful option for the truly adventurous, and anyone seeking an island experience like no other on the continent. Beautiful, unspoilt, tiny, boutique lodges, very remote

The beach is a fantastic place to sit back, relax and enjoy a family moment. Would you like to have a chance to enjoy a couple of family moments on the beach on an African Beach Holiday? Talk to us today! Better yet, have a look at this amazing post on Zanzibar Beach Accommodation!

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