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The Dummies’ Guide of Safaris to KENYA.

There are 6 types of Safaris to Kenya;

1. Guided Safari.

Safaris to KENYA

A guided safari basically means that you, the traveler, or the tourist will be guided throughout your safari by a tour guide. At Debrazza Tours and Safaris, for example, we arrange and plan for guided safaris to Kenya. These safaris are carried out by skilled tour guides that have been carefully been chosen to guarantee the perfect safari experience! Guides must always have a valid license to both drive and a tour operating license… In this guided safari, the traveler does not need to worry about accommodation planning, game driving, etc. It is all taken care of by the tour guide


2. Camping/ Hiking safari.

Tired of being on the road in a van 24/7? Camping and hiking is the ultimate choice for you to break the monotony of the vehicle environment. It can get quite rough in a camping environment, so you better suit up!

What are the types of camping in Kenya?

  • Lodge Camping

There are many tented lodges and camps in Kenya and any other country in Africa. These camps are well suited for the tourist to fit into the ‘camp setting’ and still be comfortable. This setting does not take up the natural form of a true ‘camp’.

  • Traditional Camping

This is the natural form of camping. Tent, fire, bush! Bush camps are one of the scariest forms of camping that exist. The good thing is the experience is memorable right from the start.

  • Festive Camping

Festive camping takes up a different approach. This may involve a festival of some sort. A group of people looking forward to celebrating an event together may camp out in an open space to commemorate the festival.

  • Adventures Camping

In this type of camping, campers can set out to enjoy a recognizable event to watch a performance of some sort. A good example is the WRC safari rally which was hosted by Kenya in Naivasha. People from all walks of life camped out on the track to enjoy the safari rally; a good example of adventure camping.

  • Backpackers Camping.

From the name itself, backpacking involves having a piece of small luggage of either a tent, clothes, or items that will help in the campsite. Backpacking is usually for travelers looking forward to a hiking adventure.


3. Self Drive Safaris to Kenya.

For a self-drive safari, the traveler is in full control of their game drives and even accommodation. Self-drive safaris give tourists the freedom of traveling within a safari without having to worry about an itinerary or program. The advantage of this type of safari is the control that one has over their trip. The downside about this type of African safari is the risk involved in blindly managing your safari with or without any prior knowledge of planning an African safari.


4. Road trip.

Everybody loves road trips!!! This is not just any typical kind of safari to Kenya. This largely involves journeys on the road! For example, a road trip from Mombasa, Kenya to Nairobi, Kenya within, say, two or three days. The traveler in this case has the freedom to tailor-make their accommodation, food, and entertainment all through their trip.


5. Private Safaris.

Private safaris to Kenya are a little bit more planned and arranged. The fact that most tourists that come to Kenya plan private safaris makes this type of safari the largest safari type in Kenya. This type of safari encompasses a mix between a guided safari and a luxury safari, but not as expensive as a luxury safari since most itineraries are tailor-made by the travelers themselves.


6. Luxury Safaris

Are you looking for luxury safaris in Kenya? We have a completely tailor-made option for you to pick some of the most luxurious safaris in Africa. Imagine luxury, then double it… Some of the finest hotels in Africa exist in Kenya. Beautiful sandy beaches and safari parks are designed to make the best out of every safari experience just for you!

Safaris to KENYA

Before choosing a Kenyan safari:

  • What are your specifications:

Before choosing a Kenyan safari for your next holiday, you got to determine what you like best? Are you one for an evening out under the moon? Or a sucker for the beach under the bright sun? Do you like long safari game drives or just the short single-day excursions? Determine what you like first before choosing any of the safaris to Kenya.

  • What is your budget?

This may be subject to controversy… But choose a Kenyan safari according to what is available in the bank. Despite us having the best safari packages on the internet which may also cost a fortune?, you have the option of tailor-making your own safari which is subject to change according to your budget. You will still be assured of perfection on your African safari.

  • What is the occasion?

Is it a wedding?…have a balloon safari. Is it a honeymoon?…go to Masai Mara then Amboseli. Is it a family thing?…start with the beach in Mombasa then go to Tsavo. Think about your occasion before selecting your safari. We at Debrazza Tours and Safaris will tailor-make the most suitable destination in Kenya for every occasion. You just have to ASK!

  • Do you have travel insurance?

On some of our safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, you are automatically a member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa for the entire duration of your safari. In case of an emergency, illness, or accident, experienced doctors can be reached by radio in order to fly you directly to the nearest hospital by the shortest possible route. We got you covered! Alternatively, you can be equipped with your own layer of travel insurance before booking your Kenyan Safari.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What are the big 5 on safari?

The big five on safari are Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopard.

  • How do I choose the right safari?

The best way to choose the right safari is to let Debrazza Tours and Safaris Plan a safari for you!

  • How do I get to my safari destination?

You can get to your safari destination by either air, road, train, or by ship after a cruise.

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