The Real Kenya Tanzania Safaris.

Kenya Tanzania Safaris.

Kenya Tanzania Safaris.

What is a Kenya Tanzania safari? Looking at these two countries, Kenya and Tanzania are known for being home to some of the top safari destinations and beaches in the world. Moving from Kenya through to Tanzania, finding some of the best safaris that you could possibly experience for your friends and family is no easy task. Take an example of The Mara and Amboseli in Kenya to Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania. Is it that impossible to pick just the right choice of a safari for you and your family? I guess not… Here’s what you need to do before picking a perfect safari for you and your family;

  1. Learn how to plan your Safari in Advance.

This entails;

  • Deciding where to go.
  • How to get there.
  • Deciding on your safari duration.
  1. Read lots of positive and negative reviews.
  2. Decide whether to plan your safari by yourself or hire a tour operator to do it for you.

Aside from doing these few three things, there are lots and lots of other important things that you as a traveller should properly take care of before having your safari to either Kenya or Tanzania. These things affect you directly and should be solely taken care of by you as the traveller but with some assistance of your travel expert or your appointed safari representative. Some of the things include;

  • What to Pack on a safari to Kenya or Tanzania.

What should you pack on your safari to either Kenya or Tanzania? Always try to keep it very simple and remember to carry the essentials. For a first timer traveller, here are the things you wouldn’t want to miss in your packing list; Toiletries, Important Clothing, Important Documents and Money.

  • What to wear on a safari to Kenya or Tanzania.

It is quite important to consider your dressing code while on safari. Basically what to consider while picking your wardrobe selection for a Kenya Tanzania safari is the season of your safari. It gets really cold and hot at different times of the year in Kenya and Tanzania. It is however recommended to plan your safari according to the on and off season in order to understand the seasons and what you need to wear on safari.

  • Things to do in Kenya or Tanzania besides safaris.

There are more than enough things to do in Kenya and Tanzania besides safaris. Some good examples are safari activities, beach activities & excursions. Each and every activity must be properly planned for because there are those activities that are involved with safari trips and need prior arrangement. For the best experience, each and every experience must be planned by qualified safari experts.

Why tour Kenya and Tanzania? Is it worth it?

Yes, it is totally worth it! Kenya Tanzania Safaris can promise some of the best experiences that you can practically expect in a holiday. In fact, expectations are usually exceeded by most safari tour operators. Here’s what you need to do to bag that ultimate safari experience;

  • Pick the right tour operator.
  • Plan your safari well.
  • Learn a thing or two.
  • Provide a review where satisfied or not satisfied with a service while on your safari.
  • Have fun.

What can you expect in Kenya Tanzania safaris?

Kenya Tanzania safaris are ultimately the best safari experiences that you can take part in East Africa. Going above and beyond the best in Africa can take you to the likes of Namibia and South Africa where there are equally some pretty good safari experiences.

  1. First Time Safari Goers.

These are travellers who would like to plan or have their first safari n Africa for the first time. Basically, they have never been to Africa on a safari and would like to plan for one. A traveller’s expectation should be high when planning those high ended experiences on those posh websites on the internet. My advice to this group of travellers is always is to be open minded with your safari expectations. Depending on how or who planned your safari experience, everything could either go really well or you could end up having the worst holiday experience in Africa. Off course you never get it right the first time.

  1. Second Time Safari Goers.

This is a more experienced travel group. Having already had your first safari, you have an unending list of what to choose for your second safari. Therefore, your expectations can either be highly exceeded or you may be disappointed by your safari experience depending on how your first safari experience was to you.

  1. Expert Safari Goers.

For this group of travellers, they understand the best possible place to have the perfect African safari, whether in East or South Africa. So their expectations will be a little bit difficult to influence. Because they know what they want and where to get it.

In general, a Kenya Tanzania safari has a lot in store for every type of traveller; it could be your everyday traveller, solo travellers, family travellers, groupies and even those once in a lifetime travellers. Typically, here’s what every traveller would expect in a Kenya Tanzania safari;

  • Wildlife and Nature.

Wildlife and nature is the key attraction of travellers looking for the true safari experience in Africa. Some of the wildlife to expect in a Kenya Tanzania safari includes;

1. Lion.
2. Elephant.
3. Cheetah.
4. Giraffe.
5. Rhino.
6. Buffalo.

  1. Land and People.

The people of Kenya and Tanzania are a relatively outstanding group of people. Different sets of ethnic tribes give you a brand new experience each and every time you visit and explore the different parts of either Kenya or Tanzania. Cultures bring people from all walks of life to enjoy their rich differences in what they do in their day to day lives.

  • A little learning.

Imagine combining that perfect holiday experience with one of the best chances to learn a new language or way of life. What new languages can you learn in Kenya or Tanzania? The list is endless. Swahili is a common language I both Kenya and Tanzania. Learning Swahili is fun and adventurous.

All in all, it a safari experience in Kenya and Tanzania is considered as one of the greatest adventures that you could indulge yourself in both as a holiday and a thrilling experience. It all depends on your occasion and your chosen type of safari.

What occasions can you plan for in a Kenya Tanzania Safari?

  • Honeymoon.
  • Wedding.
  • Anniversary.
  • Weekend Getaway.
  • Seasonal Holiday Experiences like Easter and Christmas.

No need to worry, for efficient and professional event planning, all you need to do s contact your preferred safari expert who will adequately employ the right options for you on your safari occasion or event in due course.

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