mombasa beaches

Things you didn’t know about Mombasa Beaches

Mombasa Beaches

mombasa beachesThe Kenyan coastline is vast and extensive as it stretches from the southern border of Tanzania to the Southeastern border of Somalia.

It is embedded with underlying coral reefs and white sandy beaches giving it its beautiful and attractive nature.

Along this magnificent, coralline strip we find the glamorous and picturesque town of Mombasa, adjacent to the cool and saline waters of the Indian Ocean. Besides being a haven for historical sites, the town couples up as a significant tourist destination thanks to its breezy and blissful beaches.

Due to its sort after classy beaches, the town has carved out a name for itself as a haven for enjoyment and relaxation.

We could say the tropical wet and dry climate, due to its close proximity to the equator, gives it an edge over other places making it a favorable destination to a good great of tourists worldwide.

Why visit Mombasa?

From the award-winning Nyali beach, Mombasa hosts most of the amazing beaches in the East African region. With a clear blue horizon, the beaches offer a perfect view of the morning sunrise and evening sunset. The majestic, tall, and hardy coconut trees create a natural ambiance as they sway, dancing to the rhythm of the wind.

Here are the most re-known beaches in Mombasa;

  1. Diani Beach, Mombasa
  2. Nyali beach
  3. Watamu Beach-Turtle Bay
  4. Bamburi beach,
  5. Tiwi beach

However, Mombasa is not only known for its amazing beaches… It is also known for a vast majority of historical and cultural heritages, its amazing Swahili culture and food, and the different kinds of activities that you could take part in while enjoying your stay at the coastline.

While vacationing with friends and families, you can create unforgettable memories by engaging in ever-interesting activities ranging from windsurfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, water skiing, sailing, stand-up paddle, kite surfing, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, sunbathing, deep-sea fishing especially along the Diani beach.

Worried about where to stay?

mombasa beachesIn matters of accommodation you are sorted, there is a series of top-notch and luxurious hotels along the coastline which offer a clear view of the beach. Among these include the popular pride Inn Hotel and the Boabab beach resort and spa along the Diani beach. Other divine places that one could spend some time while enjoying the beaches are;

  1. Sun Africa Beach Resort
  2. Serena Beach
  3. Voyager
  4. Whitesands.

Looking for enjoyment?

Well known for its numerous and lively bars and restaurants, Bamburi beach ushers you into an entertaining atmosphere especially to party lovers. You have a wide choice of world-class hotels from the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa, Serena Beach Resort and Spa, Bamburi beach hotel, to the Bahari beach hotel.

Do you want to enjoy the beach alone?

Your reason for not going to the beach could be because you like your own personal space and you have this notion that beaches are overcrowded with people, well I have good news for you as Diani beach is the precise place you should be.

If you like spending most of your time on your own, there is a space for you along the prestigious Nyali beach. With few people, the beach offers a quiet and peaceful environment leaving you to appreciate nature in the calmest way possible.

Accompanied by the popular Swahili dishes, Mombasa beaches give you an unimaginable treat to your stomach with tantalizing coastal delicacies, making your stay memorable and enjoyable. There are so many different kinds of foods forfood lovers in Mombasa. A great example of an experience arranged by Debrazza Tours and Safaris is the Swahili Dishes excursion which takes you to different places in Mombasa which thrive on the rich and thrilling culture of their food in the Old Town of Mombasa.

For lovers of culture, you can’t miss the energetic and enthusiastic traditional dancing. The coastal people who are well known for their polite and peaceful nature let you into their culture. The native coastal people who are Bantu speakers are well known for their art and creativity. They express themselves through singing and dancing adorned with traditional ornaments.

You should see how the ladies sway their hips, highlighting their curves as they dance vigorously to the tunes of the traditional songs.

Do you have kids? Have you been wondering where you can take them for their holidays? Look no further, for Watamu beach – turtle bay could save you the long search. The beach provides you with beautiful scenery of turtles along the reefs of the beach.


What are you waiting for?

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Kenyan coast offers a refreshing and mind relaxing adventure that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. An ideal destination for team building, honeymoon, and holidays.

All you need is a refreshing break at the Kenyan coast and forever you will remain nostalgic, reminiscing your experience wanting to come back.


How do you easily get to Mombasa?

mombasa beachesMombasa is fairly accessible through various channels. You can get to Mombasa through train, boat, road and even air. Being a coastline city, its infrastructure is well developed to suit its purpose as one of Kenya’s most important cities. Plus did you know that Mombasa is the most common destination for local tourists during the holidays?

Our own country people tour Mombasa for the fun of it. This just proves that Mombasa is a place of its own.

Before thinking about traveling to Mombasa, come prepared with a few things to help ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible;

  • Sunscreen or sun cream: Mombasa is very hot and the sun is up almost throughout the day.
  • Swimsuit: beaches at Mombasa are places where you could enjoy swimming.
  • Camera: Taking pictures is a great way to enjoy some of the finest moments at the coastline!


I am hoping that this has inspired to you to visit this famous city for its beaches. if you are interested in Mombasa and its amazing beaches, feel free to contact us for any queries whatsoever.