Top 3 Wedding destinations in East Africa.

Beach Wedding.

Nothing is more alluring than the guaranteed sunshine for the big day, clear blue skies for the pictures, and a gilt edged invitation to run barefoot along the beaches of the Indian Ocean. Consequently, Kenyas coastline is one of the worlds hottest beach wedding venues.

Take your pick of North or South Coast, where virtually all the hotels will offer packages for your wedding planning, catering, and attractive guest accommodation deals.

Typically, the hotel will offer you a room for the night before the wedding, the option of ‘his and hers’, spa treatment and hair dressing before the event, and a fully catered reception with or without band, disco, traditional dance… or whatever else you might desire.

Tradition has it that the hotel will set up a palm bower on the lawns above the beach, with twin thrones, an elegant table for the signing of the register, flowers, cake, chilled champagne and rose petal confetti.

Many hotels also offer a dive school, where you can arrange for a wedding beneath the waves, or you can choose to be married above the waves in a glass-bottom boat or on a dhow.

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Hot air hitching.

If you would like to avoid the hot air that usually surrounds the wedding hype, you might like to consider getting married in a balloon. Rising high above the jaded conventions of limousines and horse drawn carriages, this will allow you to breeze intothe ceremony on a breath of romance, and hurl your bouqut down to your fighting girlfriends from a basket suspended from a rainbow colored globe.

Arising early you watch as the balloon is inflated, rising into the morning air, and when it is ready to go, you and your partner scramble into the basket and fly off into the sunrise. You can enjoy the theatre of the wildlife below and watch as the wedding convoy tracks your progress in safari vehicles.

After around an hour, you will come in for a controlled landing, climb out of the basket and sip champagne as the wedding party arrives on site, sets up the wedding bower and prepares the food. Once everyone is ready, the registrar will perform the ceremony and invite the guests to sit down to a very untraditional wedding breakfast.

The balloon team will then re-inflate the balloon and when it is ready, you can climb aboard and toss down your bouquet and, in a shower of rose petals, sail serenely off into the midday sun.

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Savannah scene.

East Africa boasts of more national parks than most places in the world. All are breathtakingly beautiful, and guarantee you wedding shots far wilder than even the most glamorous hotel. Many have recognised picnic areas, which have been set aside as safe areas. Working with one of the lodges in your chosen park, you can (click here to book such a site,) have the lodge set up a wedding bower and seated reception and deliver the registrar into probably one of the wildest wedding venues he or she has ever officiated at.

Arriving in an open sided safari vehicle, you can then take your vows against one of mother natures most stunning backdrops, before sipping champagne beneath the acacias and sitting down to a real bush reception. The lodge will arrange the registrar, the flowers, catering, toasts and entertainment. They also provide a honeymoon suite, a dinner just for two in the plains, and a party for the guests. Accommodation packages for all your guests will be arranged.

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Gone are the days of a few hundred of your closest friends squeezed uncomfortably into the local church, with as few of your relatives and future in-laws as your mother will permit. Now its all about getting married outside of convention, inside a credit crunched budget, and yet not conforming to how everyone else thinks you should tie the knot. The secret is to cut your suit according to the cloth available!  Click here to book your dream wedding today!

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