African Safari Adventure Holiday.

An African Safari Adventure Holiday is the ideal relaxing experience for anybody looking for a divine holiday in the wildlife paradise. Travelling to Africa has and will always be an adventure of its own kind. African Safaris however have to be properly planned in order to ensure the best possible experience for you as the traveller and your family or loved ones. Before you even think about that african adventure holiday, take a look at this;

Types of African Adventures.

  • Fly-In Safaris.

This one involves a light flying experience through your safari national park or game lodge. Due to the nature of the luxurious safari, it can be at times very expensive.

  • Mobile Guided Safari – Lodge or Camping.

This safari involves a simple tour of the selected park in your itinerary but in a 4×4 SUV vehicle, or one that may have a pop-up roof for those who love taking pictures of the wildlife. Tour Guides are also always available during this safari.

  • Camping Safari.

This safari is generally a mobile safari where the traveller has a full feel of the bush environment. You will be guided throughout your safari along with the best protection from certified Game Drive Security Officials.

  • Specialist / Tailor Made Safari.

A specialist safari involves a guide taking travellers through no specific set itinerary. Examples of specialist safaris include overnight walking safaris, canoe and makoro safaris and some birding safaris.

  • Self-Drive Safari.

A self drive safari on the other hand is a self guided tour. Where you as a traveller get to decide the best destination or activity for your safari and fully take yourself through. This is however not very common since the locally available guides offer the best of the african safari experience.

African Adventure Destinations.

There are quite a number of African Adventure Holiday Destinations. There are some at the beach, some on the hills, some on the highlands and even some in the lowlands. Take a look at some of our African Adventure Destinations down below.

Trekking Adventures.

Trekking Adventures in Africa may include mountain trekking or the luxurious Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Cycling Experiences.

Riding a bike is more of an adventure than it looks like. There are also lots and lots of providers for this cycling experience in Africa. Either a joint cycling adventure or one just for you and your loved one. And if you don’t know how to ride a bike, that is totally okay, learning makes the adventure much more worthwhile!

Cultural Expeditions.

Culture brings people together. Cultural expeditions are some of the key trademarks of Africa. From the Masai in The Mara to the people of Samburu in Samburu down to the Giriama at the coastal parts of Kenya in Africa.