what to pack on a safari

What to pack for a safari.

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Be Prepared with your safari gear.

When it comes to figuring out what to pack on a safari, it is important to consider a few things;

  • Weather;
  • Travel Period or Season;
  • Type of Safari;
  • Duration of stay;

Here is a comprehensive list of what to pack for a safari.

  1. Passport, your safari itinerary and travel insurance if you have.
  2. Emergency prescribed drugs.
  3. Clothes and toiletries.
  4. A few gadgets for entertainment.
  5. Foot wear
  6. Sun Cream
  7. Face Masks and a hand sanitizer
  8. A hat which preferably has a brim and is tied underneath to prevent it from blowing away when stood up in the safari bus.
  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Camera with plenty of film.
  11. Batteries for your camera as it is not always possible to recharge cameras at the lodges or camps.
  12. A bottle of water in a glass bottle for the drive while on the bus.
  13. Mosquito Repellant.
  14. A sweater or jumper for the chilly nights.
  15. Binoculars.
  16. Cash for Souvenirs and drinks.


What shoes do you wear on a safari?

The best shoes to wear on a safari are tied up light boots or trainers that are very comfortable for you. Pick out the best hiking boots in case of a camping safari to protect you from the rough terrain.

How can i make my safari look fashionable?

The only way to make your safari look fashionable is by dressing well and for your chosen safari. Be it camping, fly in, guided, specialist or even a walking safari. Take lots of pictures and remember, ‘the pause makes the picture!’

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Final Thoughts…

Have a business card with you.

While travelling across the world, it may come a point in time where you may come across potential business partners. Having a business card with you can serve as a great way to maintain ties between you and the people that you may meet in your destination country. I must say, Kenya has people that will amaze you!

Have a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

It is important to have a yellow fever certificate with you. Some countries may or may not require it during your arrival at the airport. It is good to check with your travel agent in good time.

Keep Smiling.

Keep smiling! Did you know that the experience you get from a Kenyan safari leaves you excited and wishing for more? Nevertheless, keep the spirit up all through the period of your safari. If you need anything whilst on your safari, it is your right to speak up… you paid for it! The least you could get from your safari is a smile. 😊

Grab a souvenir while you are at it…and check out some of these nice designs!

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