what to wear for a safari

What to wear on a Safari-Game Drive.

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Dress to kill! (metaphorically)

When deciding what to wear on any given day, there is alot that on has to do to make an outfit stand out. But that is not the case with a safari outfit. With a safari outfit, by dress to kill, i mean dress to capture the moment and mostly protect yourself from the wild; that may mostly want to harm you. Having a great safari outfit not only keeps you safe, it also keeps you comfortable, while enjoying your safari. So, here is what you should wear while on a kenyan safari;

What to wear on a Safari Game Drive;

While on a game drive, there are things that you are supposed to do; be quiet, be discreet etc. This maintains the game drive setting as its own original natural environment. Hence does not startle the wild environment to harm you. Your dress code plays a huge role in maintaining this environment. Wearing something that is either green, brown or khaki enables you to blend in. That’s why you see most safari vans colored green or brown. These colors have been proven to not attract the attention of the animals that you go to see on a game drive.

Africa is hot. The weather sometimes gets to extreme temperatures during the day. So wear something that has a light fabric during your game drive under the hot sun. It is also advised to carry with you a light jacket incase the weather becomes a little chilly. Light fabric clothing makes you feel free and it gives you a better chance of enjoying your game drive!

Many tourists come to Africa to enjoy the heat from the sun. Too much of something however, is poisonous. Exposing your skin to the sun for a long period of time may cause sun burn. Despite having sun lotion or sun cream or sunscreen, the effects of getting sun burn from a game drive safari can be drastic. Thats why it is good to have an extra layer of protection of your skin from the sun by wearing long sleeved clothing.

While on a game drive, we all at some point, have been tempted to take out our cameras to take a quick selfie or picture of a lion that came up to your safari van window. Having pockets to keep our gadgets close to us helps us capture those moments before we actually miss them. Wearing shorts with lots of pockets will help in storing hand held electronics or gadgets or even money for buying souvenirs.

What to wear on a safari; Shoes or sandals? Shoes protect our feet from the dangers of the game drive terrain. You might be on a walking safari, or just stepped out of your safari van for a breath of fresh air. Having the right shoes will protect your feet from not only the dangers of the wild but will also give you a certain level of comfort throughout your game drive. Sandals on the other hand can be worn at your hotel after the game drive; or at a lodge with a pool where you can relax and not worry too much about your feet.

A hat is just some additional protection from the hot sun while on your game drive. When picking out what to wear on a safari, be sure to also pick out either a hat, or a cap that will protect you from the scorching sun. The hat may come in handy when you may be asked to have a walking expedition or walking safari or just when you are viewing animals while on your game drive.

Wearing sunglasses would add a little style to your safari outfit. Shades or even spectacles will do the trick! You want to make sure that you take good care of them while on your game drive. These kinds of things seem to be misplaced alot. Sunglasses, as the name suggests protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun on a sunny day.

There are some lodges and camps that have a swimming pool. Everybody loves swimming after a long game drive. Wear a swim suit!

During safari evenings, sitting out around a bonfire or just at dinner, it is advised to wear light colored clothing. When choosing what to wear on a safari, light colored clothing should take priority. These types of clothes help repel mosquitoes during the evenings. This is different however, from the game drive attire. I came up with a comprehensive list of what to pack for a kenyan safari. Check it out HERE!

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